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Health Analytics Data Layer

To Augment Dashcam Data for
Better & Safer Driving
and Fleet Management

Unlock the next level of driving excellence

Unrivaled Detection

CU-BX delivers an unparalleled customer experience with the most advanced in-cabin well-being and comfort detection system for your drivers.

CU-BX sensors provide continuous detection of key well-being and comfort indicators, monitoring measurements such as driver's heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability.

Standalone Health Monitoring System

CU-BX device can be installed as a standalone device for continuous health monitoring of your drivers. 

The accurate vitals monitoring allows CU-BX to deliver the best actionable insights to keep your drivers safe & comfortable.


Software & Hardware Health Analytics Layer for Dashcam Players 

Differentiate your fleet offering by adding a health analytics software layer with a minimal addition of an external light source. 

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